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A Division of MTG Insurance

5 Helpful Tips for Earning a CDL

Jan 3, 2023 | Bobtail Insurance

Truck driving can be an exciting career choice. You get to travel and carry essential goods that keep the country going. But it takes work to join the industry. For example, you must pass a test before receiving your Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). The test can be difficult, so read the following tips for earning a CDL. 

Research the job.

Truck driving isn’t for everyone. It involves long hours on the road and time away from family. So, one of the most important tips for earning a CDL is to ensure you want this career before investing time and money into training. First, ask truckers about the challenges they face and the realities of the job. Then, ask yourself hard questions about whether truck driving fits your personality and lifestyle.  

Get a medical exam first.

There’s a decent chance you’ll need to pass a medical exam before receiving your CDL. So, it’s a good idea to get this done before taking a CDL course. You don’t want to pay money and begin classes only to find out that you can’t drive a truck due to health issues. 

Really learn.

Don’t memorize information for the test, and then allow yourself to forget it. CDL training isn’t merely a tool to get your license—it also prepares you for an actual job. You will need every lesson to protect yourself, your cargo, and other drivers while on the road. So, learn it all by heart. 

Ask for help.

This may seem like one of the more obvious tips for earning a CDL but get help when necessary. The people training you have been in your shoes, studying hard to pass the test. So, don’t hesitate to ask them for more in-depth explanations or to repeat something you missed. They want you to succeed. 

Explore endorsements.

A CDL doesn’t qualify you to haul every material. You’ll need endorsements for certain cargo, such as hazardous materials. So, do some research and decide what you want to transport. Then, figure out how to meet that goal.

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