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A Division of MTG Insurance

A Division of MTG Insurance

6 Fall Truck Driving Tips to Stay Safe on the Road

Oct 6, 2022 | Bobtail Insurance

Autumn is a beautiful time to be on the road. As a truck driver, you can spend your days watching the trees change color. But it’s also a season for new hazards, so remember these fall truck driving tips while on the job. 

Keep an eye on the weather.

Weather conditions aren’t dependable during the spring and fall. So, check the forecast frequently and prepare for all kinds of temperatures and precipitation. You could even encounter early snow in some parts of the country and should be ready to drive in wintry conditions.

Be careful on slippery roads.

Throughout the season, you’ll encounter rain and leaves, which can decrease traction between your tires and the asphalt. Therefore, two of our most important fall truck driving tips are to proceed carefully and avoid large piles of foliage.

Get ready for bright mornings and dark evenings.

Because of Daylight Saving Time, you’ll experience brighter sunlight in the mornings and drive more after dark. Less experienced drivers may not know how to handle blinding sunshine and limited nighttime visibility. So, check your headlights and brake lights, slow down, increase the distance between your rig and the vehicle in front of you, and pay close attention to other drivers.

Watch for animals.

Animal activity increases during the autumn months—and so do animal-strike-related accidents. So, watch the roadside for deer and other wildlife. And keep an eye out at night for light bouncing off their retinas—that will help you spot animals by the road.

Watch for kids.

One of the fall truck driving tips you should never forget is to look for little ones in roadside leaf piles. Children love to play in leaves during the fall, and smaller kids won’t recognize the danger of doing so near a road.

Don’t get impatient.

Fall is harvest time for many farmers, which means you’ll encounter more tractors and combines during a haul. These machines are particularly slow, and you may feel tempted to pass them as soon as possible. If you do, ensure there’s no other traffic present. We know getting stuck behind a sluggish vehicle feels frustrating, but never risk an accident.

To ensure a safe fall season, follow the tips above, and keep everyone safe on the road. If you have any questions about your insurance coverages, call Bobtail Insurance Group today!