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A Division of MTG Insurance

A Division of MTG Insurance

6 Helpful Tips for Spring Cleaning Semi-Trucks

Mar 7, 2023 | Bobtail Insurance

As a truck driver, it’s your responsibility to maintain your rig—which means keeping it pristine. Spring is the perfect time to get your truck sparkling, so remember these helpful tips for cleaning semi-trucks.




Pack up any winter gear. Put away warm clothes and blankets you’ve left in your cab, and store your tire chains, tension cables, de-icing products, and any other equipment you won’t need until the weather turns cold again.


Take out the trash.


One of the best ways to start cleaning semi-trucks is to go through every compartment in your cab and throw things away. Grab the old Styrofoam cups and crusty French fries rolling around in your floorboards and toss them in the nearest bin. Then, remove any tools or random possessions you don’t need.




Take inventory of all remaining items in your rig and organize them. Place tools where you can find them quickly. Fold your warm-weather clothes neatly and store them away. And put any items you frequently need within easy reach.


Deep clean the cab.


Make your interior sparkle. Use a shop vac to get dirt and mud out of your floor and seats. Next, wipe down all surfaces, including your dashboard, and clean your windows and windshield. Don’t forget to wash your headliner and floor, as well. Finally, treat that coffee stain on your passenger seat and any other discoloration on your upholstery.


Replace the cabin filter.


Take out your truck’s manual and find out how to replace the cabin filter. Then, do so. A new filter will keep the air in your cab fresh and pollutant-free.


Wash the exterior.


Finally, the last step in cleaning semi-trucks is to pressure wash the grime off your vehicle’s exterior. Use a low setting that won’t ruin your paint job and remove stubborn dirt and bugs. Then, using high-quality automotive soap, handwash any areas that didn’t come clean in the wash. Finally, wax your rig.


Good luck with the spring clean, and don’t skip any steps! A poorly maintained truck is more accident-prone.

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