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A Division of MTG Insurance

A Division of MTG Insurance

7 Ways to Prevent a Devastating Rollover Accident

Apr 8, 2022 | Bobtail Insurance

Unfortunately, a rollover accident can happen to any truck driver. And while human error usually causes this type of disaster, it’s a myth that most rollovers involve inexperienced drivers. In fact, a large percentage happen to drivers with more than 10 years of experience. Additionally, only a small number of rollovers occur due to roadway and environmental factors—less than 4 percent. Most even happen in the daylight and on dry roads. 

So, what factors actually do contribute to a rollover accident? Excessive speed, inattention, and fatigue can all lead to an overturned truck. Follow these tips to keep your truck upright and yourself safe. 

1. Don’t take risks. Drive at the speed limit, take corners slowly, and maintain speed cushions.

2. Pay attention. Never text and drive because it’s illegal and dangerous. And don’t eat on the road, either. Multi-tasking is never a good idea behind the wheel.

3. Ensure your loads are secure and follow all Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration [FMCSA] cargo safety standards.

4. Get enough sleep. One of the best ways to avoid a rollover accident is to stay alert. So, read through our tips for quality shut-eye.

5. Check your truck for any issues before starting a trip and keep up with the maintenance year-round. 

6. Know your truck’s design performance. Reefers drive differently than tankers or flatbeds. 

7. Take care of yourself. You never want to get sick or lose consciousness while driving, so eat a nutritious diet and exercise as much as you can. We know it’s difficult to prioritize health on the road, but it’s not impossible. Also, get regular physicals, and consult your doctor every time you feel ill. 

Ultimately, you control whether your truck stays upright. So, never get complacent on the job, and always follow regulations. We know you need to deliver your load by the deadline, but nothing is worth risking a rollover accident. 

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