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A Division of MTG Insurance

A Division of MTG Insurance

Distracted Driving: 5 Tips for Staying Alert on the Road

May 13, 2022 | Bobtail Insurance

Every driver has a responsibility to themselves, their passengers, and others on the road to remain focused behind the wheel. But truck drivers must stay particularly alert due to the size of their vehicles and loads. So, if you make your living by hauling cargo across the country, prioritize distracted driving prevention and follow these tips every time you climb into your cab.


Don’t touch your phone.

Never text and drive and avoid dialing a number or using a dispatching device, as well. Even hands-free options can cause distracted driving. So, before hitting the road, switch your phone off. Or download an app that senses when you’re driving and sends safety messages to anyone trying to contact you. 

Of course, emergencies will happen, so pull over if you need to make an urgent call. 

Stay up to date on employer regulations.

If your company offers a driving course, take it. Not only will the class improve your driving skills, but it will also outline any guidelines you need to follow, including those regarding distracted driving. You should know every rule your employer establishes to stay safe and maintain an excellent job performance record. 

Minimize all distractions.

Stay on the lookout for anything that might take your attention away from the road. This includes eating, grooming, and even watching your GPS. If you can, memorize your route before you leave so you don’t have to stare at a screen. 


Rest is vital for every truck driver. You’ve got to remain sharp so you can react quickly to any situation that arises on the road. Therefore, make every effort to sleep well. 

Store your gear properly.

Loose items in the cab are more than annoying. They’re dangerous, especially if you try to catch one as it rolls across your seat or floor. So, tidy up your space and store everything in compartments before starting your engine.

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