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A Division of MTG Insurance

A Division of MTG Insurance

Non-Trucking Liability Insurance: What Is It and Why Is It So Important?

Feb 7, 2023 | Bobtail Insurance

If you’re the owner and operator of a semitruck, you know how important insurance is. You need coverage every time you get behind the wheel—for any reason. And while you’re under dispatch, your motor carrier will cover your rig. But what about the times when you’re not hauling freight? What covers your truck, then? The answer, of course, is a non-trucking liability insurance policy.

What is a non-trucking liability insurance policy?

Michael Martin, co-owner of MTG Insurance and Bobtail Insurance Group (BIG), explains it as a type of coverage that fills in gaps left by your primary insurance.

“When he [the driver] wants to run down the street and have his truck washed, or he needs some tires changed, and he has to drive without being dispatched,” Michael says. “That’s his insurance, so in case he was in an accident, that’s what’s available to pay for the other vehicle.” 

In fact, non-trucking liability typically covers the following items.

  • Trips to get your truck serviced
  • Personal trips
  • Driving to the carwash
  • Legal fees associated with an accident

What should you know about non-trucking liability insurance?

Kentucky requires commercial truck drivers to carry this coverage, so you must get the right policy. Michael recommends at least $1 million in coverage, which is often the limit in many states and the amount most motor carriers require.

“That way, if there’s any kind of issue or if there’s a lawsuit from an incident, the driver has plenty of coverage to take care of it,” he explains.

The price of this insurance may vary but will usually cost around $40 per month. However, Michael cautions against automatically choosing the cheapest insurance. Instead, he says you should find the policy that truly suits your needs. And that’s BIG’s highest priority.

“You need an insurance agency that is going to look out for your best interest and not just give you the best price,” he says. “You need an agency that will respond and handle claims and will be available to you if needed. You need agents like us who will explain all the coverages and make sure you have what you need.”

So, contact a BIG agent if you’re looking for a non-trucking liability insurance policy. They can show you policies from multiple carriers and explain each so you know what each option offers. A quick quote is just a call or click away.