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A Division of MTG Insurance

Safe Driver: Reduce Your Risk of an Accident

Jul 12, 2021 | Bobtail Insurance

Ultimately, it is up to you to be a safe driver. You must constantly be practicing safe driving techniques, paying attention to your surroundings, and making smart decisions regarding your driving. All of this can reduce your risk of an accident. In addition to, follow the tips below to help ensure you arrive at your destination safely.

Defensive Driving

It is easy to be in control of yourself and your vehicle, but it can be more challenging to know what the vehicle next to you or in front of your will do. To be a safe driver, you must always be aware of potential errors that can come from other drivers. It is expected that you commit to drive defensively if needing to avoid an accident.

Plenty of Rest

Driving can take a physical and mental toll on your body, especially if you are driving a long distance with a load. Driver fatigue plays a huge part in motor vehicle crashes. If a safe driver becomes drowsy while driving, he or she should pull off for a quick nap before continuing their trip.

Vehicle Inspection

Before you take off on any haul, you need to inspect your vehicle. Check out the lights, breaks, tires, and windshield wipers in case of rain, snow, fog, etc. while in route. If something is broken, fix it before you go.

Plan your Route

Know where you are going before you hit the road. If available, program a GPS before you go, so you can remain hands free for the duration of your trip. If you do need to call for directions or check your location, pull over. Be a safe driver – not a distracted one.

Don’t Speed & Buckle Up

Give yourself plenty of time to get to your destination without having to speed or getting caught in traffic. Planning your route will help you do this. Be aware of potential construction zones, rush hour cites, and weather conditions that may affect your trip. In case of poor weather conditions, follow the car in front of you at a safe distance and turn on your headlights. Always wear your seat belt!

No Alcohol

Did you know… there are more fatal motor vehicle crashes caused by alcohol than anything else? In addition, some prescriptions can also cause the same effects as alcohol. Do not drink alcohol and operate any vehicle and talk to your doctor about possible side effects with any medications you are taking.

It’s not difficult to be a safe driver. You just have to be aware and plan ahead! Practicing good driver safety is your responsibility. For more information about how to be a safe driver, contact us! If you want to make sure you are covered in case an accident does occur, also contact us! Bobtail Insurance Group wants to make sure you are safe on and off the road!